2017 ANTHOLOGY the Arista Years $20 - 34 song, two 2-CD set, 21 page color booklet, Descriptions from Angie. $20.00


THE ARISTA YEARS 1979 - 1993. INCLUDING ANGELA FEATURED ON ARTISTS ALBUMS OF JOHNNY MATHIS, KIRK WHALUM, MARION MEADOWS, STANLEY CLARKE, BOZ SCAGGS, Carl Anderson.  Disc One: 1. To Tough, 2. Can't Slow Down, 3. Special Delivery, 4. Holden Out For Love, 5. Baby I need Your Love, 6. What I wouldn't Do, 7. Something about You, 8. Marion Meadows , featuring Angela Bofill, Love was Never, 9. Ain't Nothin Like the real thing (Angela Boz Scaggs duet ) 10. Is This A Dream, 11. Narada Michael Waldon and Angela Bofill, Never Wanna Be Without You, 12. Love and Marriage, 13. All The Reasons Why, 14. Love Light, 15, Under The Moon and Under The Sky, 16. Angel Of The Night, 17. Rhythm of Your Mind.   Disc two: 1. I Wanna Love Somebody, 2. Tonight I Give In, 3. Let Me Be The One, 4. Carl Anderson featuring Angela Bofill, 5. Johnny Mathis featuring Angela Bofill, 6. I'm On Your Side, 7. This Time I'll Be Sweeter, 8. Still In Love, 9. I Try, 10. Stanley Clarke featuring Angela Bofill, Where Do We Go, 11. Tell Me Tomorrow, 12. Break It To Me Gently, 13. Time To Say Goodby, 14. Kirk Whalum featuring Angela Bofill, Always a Part Of Me, 15. Song For A Rainy Day, 16. No Love In Sight, 17. Heavenly Love.



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